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Routout CNC V-3.5 Software

Routout CNC CAD CAM Software

Whether you are building your own CNC Machine/ converting an existing machine or you have simply bought a kit. The Routout software will enable you to control your new addition to the workshop with ease, RoutOut CNC Manager will control your stepper motor step and direction drive board directly from you LPT port (Parallel printer Port) Three axis Control i.e X,Y,Z plus control lines for Turning on / off Router ,Cooling Etc

The program comes as two parts:

1. Routout CNC Viewer ( Design and Conversion )
2. Routout CNC Manager ( LPT Stepper motor Driver )

Within the Routout CNC Viewer software this will allow you to create FL files and import HPGL, DXF and G - Code files for editing or converting, from Corel Draw, AutoCAD etc. These files are then sent to the Routout Manager where they will be processed and sent down the LPT port to your potter / router.

The FL file structure is very simple so can be manually entered if you like.

Because of the simple file structure this also will allows you to write your own front end for the Routout Manager if specific functions are needed and you do not wish to use the Routout CNC Viewer software.

Some of the many features.

Move to Front / Back

Spiral Fill

Cutter offset

Z Step Function

Faster Compiling

HPGL Import

DXF Import

G-Code Import

Cross Hairs

MM Measurement system

Show Path mode

Show center line

Copy and paste


Preview file


Drill hole Function.

Rulers in MM

If you are looking for Suitable stepper motor driver please look at our Products page where we stock 2.5 Amp bipolar Stepper Motor Drivers.

Computer minimum Requirements :

Windows 98,2000,XP
P2 - 500 Mhz or greater
1 spare Printer Port.

Routout CNC Software Manual PDF

Download The Routout V 3-5 Software

Once you have installed the software use the licence keys below:

Free £ 0.00

Routout CNC software Routout CNC Kress Tool Holder Routout CNC software -  Plaque Routout CNC software -  Plaque Routout CNC software Routout CNC software samples This software is free therefore we offer strictly NO Support

Licence Keys:


routoutcncv3.5.exe routoutcncmanualv3.pdf