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2.5 Amp stepper motor driver kits

Routout CNC 3 Axis Kit

Whether you are building your own CNC Machine/ converting an existing machine or you have simply bought a kit. The Routout CNC kit will enable you to do this with ease. The kit comprises of the following parts.

Computer minimum Requirements :

Windows 98,2000,XP
P2 - 500 Mhz or greater
1 spare Printer Port.

For additional information on the parts included in the kit please see the products page where the products are detailed.

Driver PDF - Routout CNC PDF

Quick Connector PDF - Quick  connector

If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on Tel: (01664) 454795

CNC stepper motor driver kits CNC stepper motor driver kits 2.5 amp stepper motor driver board CNC stepper motor driver kits 2.5Amp 3 Axis Kit - No Software £90.00 2.5Amp 3 Axis Kit - With Mach3 Software £190.00 All Prices Exclude VAT