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Kress  FME800

Variable speed router

240v - £158inc P&P

110 Volt -£200 in P&P

Kress Router

Additional Collets

1/8 - Collet £26.00

¼ Collet £26.00

6mm Collet £26.00

3mm Collet £26.00

Mill Spindle / Plasma Control Relay - Triple relay Board

These relays can be used for example to control a router head / Plasma torch
The inputs are TTL compatible, allowing them to be directly connected to logic circuits operating from a supply voltage of 5V
For a spec sheet please clicking below:    
Routout Relay PDF

Three Relay £30 Each + £3.00 P&P

Mill Spindle / Plasma cutter relay PayPal: Add Kress FME800 - 240v to cart PayPal: Add Triple Relay Board to cart

E - stop Switch

An emergency stop button featuring a large flat faced stop button with a centre release.

Status is clearly indicated on the face of the stop button

E - Stop £21.00 Each Inc P&P

E-Stop Button

10 Amp Driver Power Supply Kit

4 Axis Power Supply Kit (Suitable to drive 4 Drivers set at 6 Amps Each)

37 Volt PSU 4 Axis Kit £97.00 Including free P&P

10 Amp Power supply - 4 axis kit

10 Amp Driver Power Supply Kit

3 Axis Power Supply Kit (Suitable to drive 3 Drivers set at 6 Amps Each)

37 Volt PSU 3 Axis Kit £82.00 Including P&P

10 Amp Power supply - 3 axis kit

A robust proximity reed switch

housed in a light weight ABS housing.

Limit Switch / Home Switch (Magnet & Switch Pair) £6.00 per Pair + 50 Pence P&P

home / limit switches

2.5 Amp Driver Power Supply Kit.

Small Power Supply for our 2.5A 3 Axis Driver Kit.

24 Volt Power Supply £33 Each + £6.50 P&P

2.5 Amp power supply

Description and Specification.

The drive couplings are ideal for CNC / motion control applications,especially those utilizing stepper / servo motors. Supplied with  zero backlash torque discs. Select the size bore for each  hub

Overall Coupling Assembly Length (mm)  15.9

Set Screw Size  M3

Max Angular Misalignment (Deg.)  0.5

Maximum Parallel Misalignment (mm)  0.1

Maximum Axial Motion (mm)  0.05


Small angular and axial misalignment may be accommodated
Low inertia - ( More torque at high speeds )
Aluminium Hubs, Electrical Isolation

Hubs bores available in the following sizes:

6, 6.35mm, 8mm, 1/4,


Motor Coupling

motor couplings

High Torque Stepper Motor

2.5 Amp High Torque Stepper Motor

2.8NM Torque

Suitable for use with our 2.5 Amp Drivers

Stepper Motor -£36 Each Inc P&P to the UK Only

2.5 Amp motor 240V  - 110V - PayPal: Add Kress FME800 - 110 to cart PayPal: Add 3mm Collet to cart PayPal: Add 1/4 inch - 6.35mm Collet to cart PayPal: Add 6mm Collet to cart PayPal: Add 1/8 th (3.175mm) Collet to cart PayPal: Add Proximity Switch & Magnet to cart

Cutter Pack 1

Mixed Plastic & Metal Cutters


2 off V Cutters

5 off 3mm Rasps

5 off 3mm Single flute cutters

5 off 5mm Single Flute Cutters

5 off 2 Flute 6mm Cutters

Cutter Pack 2

Carbon Fibre / Fibre Glass


5 off 1mm Rasps

5 off  1.5mm Rasps

5 off 2mm Rasps

5 off 2.5mm Rasps

5 off 3mm Rasps

High Power 2.2 KW Air cooled  Spindle

Operating Speed: 0-24000rpm

2.2KW air -cool ER16




Lubrication:: Grease

Power: 2.2KW

Cooling: Air cooled

Only £800 + Vat