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Routout CNC Ltd offer Ball Screw driven CNC Routers and the rack and pinion driven CNC Machines and a range of CNC Plasma cutting machines and CNC Plasma Cutting Tables. These new models are faster and more accurate. With speeds up to 10000mm per minute and a competitive price this machine will be hard pushed to be beaten. Why subcontract your work out at high cost and lengthy lead times, when a machine could pay for itself in only a few months and allow you to design new ranges of products.  We now are able to offer the larger business the 8ft X 4ft machines (Z90SL) 0r the (Whopper CNC 10ft X 5ft)

*CNC Plasma Cutter table  2ft X2ft  with water table at an amazing £4445

We can also supply a variety of  bespoke CNC / Plasma cutting machines  built to your requirements . The Routout software and Stepper motor driver boards will enable you to control your new additions to the workshop with ease. For information about CNC Plasma cutters / tables and CNC Routers. Please look at our products page for CAD / Cam Software, Stepper motor Drivers and Stepper Motors, full three axis kits and engineering plastics.


We are now open later !! 2013 opening hours

UK opening times - Monday - Thursday 8-30 am  - 6-15 pm  Closed Friday

USA opening times - Monday - Friday 9-00 am  - 5-30 pm  Closed Sat & Sun

Please note we now have a dedicated technical support line Tel: 01664 454795

H84 Mini CNC Mill for hobby at an amazing £950 CNC Routers - Flat bed router Routout CNC - ‘A Cut above the rest’

Great Value - Fast Accurate Machines

Full 3 Axis CNC Machine / CNC Plasma cutter tables -

Fully Built by time served  British Engineers !

Plug and Play (Just add Software)

Ready to run

 Please Note we have moved please look at the contact page for new details.

Fantastic price on our CNC Plasma Cutting Tables from  Only £4445.  Ready to run

CNC Plasma Machine  Sizes Availiable 2ft x2ft, 2ft x 4ft and 8ft X 4ft & 10ft x 5ft

CNC Plasma cutting table with waterbed

Look at Multi colour 3 / 4 colour head 3D printer at an amazing £1995